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Cbris forms automation

KM ORIZZON LTD has developed a tool allowing for the semi-automation of the CBRD forms which have to be filled in by Management Companies or Groups Company Secretaries in it’s EAZZY CORPORATE software.

The development will ensure that there is one unique source of truth for data entries since all data can be updated in EAZZY directly. This will mean and imply that users of EAZZY will not have to spend time recopying data in CBRD manual forms online and the risk of errors is considerably reduced, if not, avoided. Companies using EAZZY will thus ensure that time spent at work by users is indeed spent efficiently.


The module consists of process buttons which will copy data from EAZZY into the CBRD forms.

You will access the MNS website directly from EAZZY and be able to login onto their platform and open the form you are required to fill in.