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Eazzy Commerce

This software has been specifically designed for commercial businesses that sell, maintain, rent & service any type of equipment and for the management of jobs linked to them.


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User friendly


The software’s ergonomy has been designed so that users quickly understand the way to operate within it

The best price


Our software is affordable and will meet your budgets



Various levels of rights for users will determine what users can do or not in the system

Personalized training


We ensure that trainings are delivered in line with our customers business environment

Customers, equipments, job management

Commerce Management Software

We’ve been working for over 15 years to develop the perfect commerce management software to make your business life easier.

EAZZY users



Features Listing

Get a complete folder about your Client with all basic information.

The request for service RFS - «Ticketing » module, will help tracing and following jobs and requests.

Find any type of information possible on an equipment.

This module is for the survey of equipments on sites.

A main control screen for all activities where you can convert customer requests into jobs and merge them into one job.

Tasks Management

Follow your daily task of any user to do’s & follow up’s. Never forget a task anymore.

With this module, follow the status on the maintenance done on any equipment your company services.

In-built intervention sheets and related checklists for any type of intervention are customisable.

Invoice jobs directly from the billing module in EAZZY.

Manage all jobs until their completion via the control screen of your whole activity.

Do you measure or know precisely the time spent per technician on a job?

The system contains many in built & customized reports as well as various alerts to assist you in your daily tasks.

The inbuilt DMS in EAZZY COMMERCE ensures that documents are organized in well structured directories for quick access and document retrieval.

Jobs & Equipment

Your equipments are well managed

A Complete Customer Information Profile and a 360 degree view: Additionally you will be able to get a complete index of equipments sold at client, the history of maintenance contracts including the active ones with which equipment, the list of rental contracts as well as the list of RFS (request for service) performed at client. The inbuilt CRM Module will assist you in the creation and follow up of all your quotations and jobs while knowing the status of the customer’s statement of account with your company.

RFS – Request for Service Management: All requests are easily traceable in the system and notifications are sent or reports produced to ensure that the Backoffice is aware at all times of what needs to be done for a customer. This will ensure that tasks are not forgotten and deadlines are met to ensure professional services to your customers.

Asset Registry Module: An equipment naming convention and unique codifications per location will generate unique equipment references for quick retreacability.

Equipment Management Module: Equipment history: This Module will index all RFS linked to an equipment and will provide live data on all jobs opened/closed linked to that specific equipment as well as the related costs/billing. Moreover, live data on all spare parts linked and used for repairing or maintaining that equipment will also be available. You will view the list of all POs (Purchase Order / Third Parties) for that equipment and all Servicings performed. Specific servicing rules can be defined by type of equipment upon ageing of the equipment for the effective planification of servicings.

A Complete Planner for jobs: This dashboard is accessible to technicians and will provide good visibility on all jobs whose deadlines have not been met. Filters in the planner are available to search data and obtain required information. It is in this module that you will plan jobs in relation to technician time table. Plan for daily, weekly,monthly and recurring RFS/Jobs. Link the planner to the technician intervention sheets.

DMS & Management

Calculate your labor time

Maintenance/Rental Management of Equipments: Have all maintenance jobs been done or not, or are they coming up?

Intervention Sheet & Checklists: Connect to your intervention sheets onsite and send electronally signed intervention sheets on the spot. Insert photos if required for complete reports.

Billing module: It can be interfaced with any other accounting software such as SAGE PASTEL, QUICKBOOKS, AZURMIND, NAVISION, ORACLE…

Job Management: Get all the information you need: The budgeted labor vs consumed on a job. Subcontracting Costs. Demand for spare parts on jobs. Spare parts consumed. Summary of all expenses on a job.

Labor Management: Our bar code system to calculate the time spent on a job will do that for you. As such this functionality will provide an in-depth analysis on time spent per type of intervention.

Other Functionalities: The Integrated user Journal will let you know who does what when in the system.

Document Management System: We believe that it is important to have secured & organized filing for documents’ intuitive and quick access/retrieval besides other all search functions available. Numerous functionalities are available: single or grouped documents naming conventions, in-built and other automated templates, with unique document references, as well as organized emails classifications, besides many other functions, will ensure that you will not spend time creating, searching and saving any type of document. Adopting a Cloud, on premise or hybrid access to your documents is possible EAZZY COMMERCE DMS section can be linked to any cloud. Get more insight by viewing EAZZY FILING on this website.


Stock Module

The stock management module will help you manage:

Multi stocks Management


Inventories Management


Stock removed linked to a job and an equipment


Returns to stock linked to a job and an equipment


Management of transfer between stores


Management of « bin Transfers »


Management of stock purchases


Management of returned purchases to supplier


History of every stock movement




Supplier Management


Manage all suppliers and orders from this module

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