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Eazzy Corporate Secretarial

Designed for Management Companies or Company Secretarial Offices, Eazzy Secretariat will organise, structure and generate information to facilitate your daily tasks. This software is for the Management & administration of any type of entity.


User friendly


The software’s ergonomy has been designed so that users quickly understand the way to operate within it

The best price


Our software is affordable and will meet your budgets



Various levels of rights for users will determine what users can do or not in the system

Personalized training


We ensure that trainings are delivered in line with our customers business environment

Registers, Share Ownership, Jobs & Timesheets

Corporate Secretarial Software

We’ve been working for over 15 years to develop the perfect Company secretarial software to make your business life easier.




Features Listing

The software gives you a 360-degree Management & Control of all types of entities (Domestic, GBC, Trusts, Foundations, Funds …).

Automated Registers and documents in Integrated DMS : ensure 100% consistency and accuracy.

Create, generate, send your quotes while following your to-do tasks and your contacts requests.

Create and Manage various types of relationships and roles for legal and natural stakeholders for the entities you manage.

Manage and Plan for any type of Meetings with board packs, automatized invitations to participants.

While the system contains many integrated reports you may also create your own reports given you have the proper access rights to do so.

On premise or in the Cloud

Eazzy Corporate Secretarial new software version is in Browser mode. Either accessed via the cloud or directly on your servers, it will look as if you are working in a browser.

Enhanced Security in the Cloud

The new Eazzy Corporate Secretarial browser version can be installed by separating the software, your Data (Microsoft Azure SQL) and your Documents (SharePoint) on separate servers in the cloud.

Eazzy Corporate Secretarial may be synchronized with a SharePoint site. This means that all your documents are automatically stored and backed up by Microsoft. Combining the software integrated Document Management tools with those of SharePoint, brings many advantages. Your administrative and operations efficiency are immediately optimised and will make you save time.

Administration & DMS

Control and administrate your entities easily

Administration of Entities: Create an Unlimited quantity of entries and in doing so, centralize your entities documents, data, and information in one place. Manage effectively, all Officers, Directors, Bank Signatories & Shareholders information as well the share ownership and share capital of all entities. Eazzy allows also for the configuration of custom data fields for your company and contains numerous Integrated reports while allowing you to do your own customized reports. Use of inbuilt DMS for you and your teams to have access to one single source of truth.

DMS & Automated Registers: For the creation and classification of all types of documents required, such as registers, resolutions, share certificates, or any other document. Eazzy will generate the right type of document which will be auto-populated and jurisdictionally relevant. Eazzy Corporate secretarial has an Integrated DMS with templates and libraries to suit your needs. As needs evolve you may easily insert your own templates in the system. Adopting a Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid access to your documents is possible.

CRM & Management

The best tools to manage customers and stakeholders

CRM: Managing all your indirect stakeholders has never been so easy with Eazzy corporate CRM.

Management of all entities ‘stakeholders’: Create and Manage various types of relationships and roles for legal and natural stakeholders for the entities you manage. And based on those relationships derive various KYC reports and profiles directly from the integrated Document Management System (DMS).

Managing meetings and tasks: Managing your tasks has never been so easy. Ensure you are on track with all your follows ups or to do tasks requiring your attention. Ensure your teams fulfill regulatory filings and compliance tasks with simple reminders.

Reports & other functions: The software is linked to all Office tools allowing to link outlook pop-ups and reminders to ensure you perform your tasks on time. Extract excel reports and create your own dashboards for efficient management of your teams or customers. Integrated user journal for audit trail in the system will let you know who does what when.


Additional Modules to plug in


Used with a simple CRM or EAZZY Corporate secretarial, our timesheets are simple, quick and easy to fill in. They come with levels of validation if required, your business integrated list of services and tasks, your users grades and rates, as well as real time dashboards and various timesheet reports which can be used for your billing. Timesheets linked to the job module will automatically calculate recoverability and chargeability on jobs, and users.

Job Module


Create a job every time customers asks you to perform a service. Linked to your company list of services and customers, as well as timesheets, monitor the statuses on all jobs in real time per customer, per employee, the time spent as well as recoverability per job. Assign the responsibility of a job to a colleague and monitor the work at all times using various inbuilt reports.

Workflow Management


Want to see your procedures in Eazzy? It is possible via a simple excel file to create and import your own processes in the system. The workflow will guide you step by step to perform the tasks required to complete a procedure linked to a job. It will also assist in measuring the stages of the process you are at before its completion.

Billing Module


The billing module may be used with the Timesheet and job module or on its own for all types of invoices: annual, variable, fixed. Create your own invoices from EAZZY and push your invoices into your accounting software which we can link to EAZZY.

CBRIS Efiling Module


Connect Eazzy Corporate Secretarial to Cbris for the semi-automatization of CBRD forms directly from EAZZY to push data in the forms. In doing so, ensure you have a single source of truthful and accurate data. This also means that you enter data only once and in one place. Do not waste time retyping information you have already input in EAZZY and eliminate the risk of typing errors in doing so.

Dividend Management Module


Calculate automatically the dividend payout per shareholder and send them a notice of dividends via automatized emails.

Mass Mailing


Our mass mailing module will send automatized emails to company shareholders with their specific details or may also be customized for specific database searches for specific mass mailings.

Docs to Autofile


The docs to autofile module will classify automatically emails received by stakeholders. Drag and drop all mails in one unique place in Eazzy and activate an automated process which will classify persons emails automatically in their EAZZY dataroom.

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