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Eazzy CRM & Job Management

This simple, affordable, easy to use, web-based CRM is for every business requiring to manage efficiently the whole leads to sales to billing process. EAZZY CRM will monitor sales teams & hierarchies, sales processes, budgets, contacts, quotes and contracts renewals and is a very flexible solution.



User friendly


The software’s ergonomy has been designed so that users quickly understand the way to operate within it

The best price


Our software is affordable and will meet your budgets



Various levels of rights for users will determine what users can do or not in the system

Personalized training


We ensure that trainings are delivered in line with our customers business environment


CRM and Job Management Software

We’ve been working for over 15 years to develop the perfect CRM and Job management software to make your business life easier.

EAZZY users



Features Listing

As you open the homepage of your CRM on the web, all the information you need to have to follow leads and sales efficiently, will appear here.

Create one main contact database for unique source of truth and follow all quotes status sent to a client or prospect and your client activity over the years.

Create all your quotes here and follow your sales process from a simple lead via an awarded sales to the end, up to the billing section.

In this section you will set up Employees rights, Employees Sales Budgets and Products Parameters.


Various Contacts, Sales and Leads cross reports can be generated directly in the system.

Drag and drop all related documents with respect to a customer or a quote.

Task Management

Create or assign tasks to yourself or your colleagues and in doing so do not forget to do your follow ups on time.

Dashboard & Contact

Managing all your information in one place

Dashboard: Depending on your team or level in your company, the Dashboard will give you live information on your sales budgets vs sales realised or in progress, your tasks to do, the stage at which each quote issued during the month or period and many more reports. Understand how your business and your sales force are performing at a glance.

Contact Management: Your integrated DMS means that you can associate important documents to that specific contact.


We compare your sales to your budgets

Sales Management: Create your quotes, send them to the client, and convert a prospect status into a client when following the sales process.

Parameters: Create easily your product price list, categories and details. Import your employees budgets by category of products and teams. Control access rights and employee details.

Integrated DMS: In doing so, ensure that data and documents are kept in one unique place for easy access.

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