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Eazzy DMS-Filing

This web, windows or hybrid Document Management System is for every Company not only wanting to organise and structure its electronic documents efficiently but requiring powerful tools that will bring administrative efficiency as well.



User friendly


The software’s ergonomy has been designed so that users quickly understand the way to operate within it

The best price


Our software is affordable and will meet your budgets



Various levels of rights for users will determine what users can do or not in the system

Personalized training


We ensure that trainings are delivered in line with our customers business environment

Documents management

DMS-Filing Software

We’ve been working for over 15 years to develop the perfect DMS-Filing software to make your business life easier.

EAZZY users



Features Listing

The EAZZY Document Management System ensures that documents are organized in well structured, automated directories.

Adopting a Cloud, on premise or hybrid access to your documents is possible with Eazzy

The system contains many functions for the daily, efficient, administrative management of your company’s documents

The system contains various and powerful search functions

You may set up different levels of users' access rights to folders and documents

Link a theme to a website or any path you want to be accessed directly from EAZZY

Document & Management

Your electronic documents are well organised

Automated Directories and Documents Structures: Automated Directories will also automatically replicate the folder securities on Active Directories set up at start. Grow your customized business folder structures with the secure & automated directories and sub-directories creation function.

Access documents from anywhere: being linked to any cloud will make that you will benefit from the most useful tools/advantages both from EAZZY and the CLOUD.

Document management tools: Generate your companies’ templates and follow the naming structure to ensure consistency in the way documents are named. Each document within EAZZY gets a unique document reference, like an ISO certificate. Emails are classified at the date sent or received, with or without attachments and not at the date saved. Use the “drag” and “drop” function to file all types of documents you receive from outside your office. Compress batches of documents with winrar. Rename numerous documents with naming tools in one go. Convert word documents without opening them into pdf format. Manage documents versions. Share or send documents using links or attachments. With the EAZZY BIN, ensure your retrieve accidentally deleted documents: If you delete a document when working on a common server, it will disappear. With EAZZY FILING, there is a bin for each user and deleted files can be retrieved by each user.


Find your documents easily

Various search & view functions: Name of documents will have different color codes by date of creation (age) for quick identification. Search Documents created since x number of days. Empty or full folder search. Search with AND & Or Boolean operators. Search at any level of the directory. View classified mails with or without attachments, sent to or received from. View mails at the date sent or received and not at the date saved.

Different Security Levels: Settings for user rights: move, copy, delete folders or documents. Cannot delete documents permanently, unless you have the rights to do so. Active Directory securities and access control list tool.

Other Functions: Personalised home page: can also be used for internal communication. Encrypt your documents for more security (EAZZY Crypt Module) Integrated user journal: who does what, when, in the system.


Why set up Eazzy DMS-Filing

Do not waste time creating, saving or looking for any document. Ensure daily optimal administrative efficiency!


Licences upon installation are free!*Conditions apply


It is an affordable, and personalised solution that will fit your budget.


We accompany businesses in the creation of an optimal filing and document management system.


We take care of setup, training, maintenance, and ongoing support.


Onsite, Cloud or hybrid options are possible.


Are you Interested in our EAZZY Software?