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Follow the Digital Trends to Lead the Changes

Changing digital trends have lead to complex IT solutions. While respecting new digital trends we strive to create solutions which remain simple and easy to use.


Working together to achieve the Best

Our team consists of qualified employees specialized in IT, and our sales and administrative team. Our team is structured so as to focus on the creation of software and provide support services to our end users.


Let us Boost Your Business & Grow Together

Digital transformation is not just about buying software. Years of experience in creating IT ecosystems for businesses allow us to assist you in reaching your operational goals while using EAZZY.


Software for your office

Corporate Secretarial

Designed for Management Companies or Company Secretarial Offices


For those in the business of selling, maintaining & servicing any type of equipment


For every business wanting to create, organise and structure their electronic documents efficiently

Insurance Brokers

Designed for all insurance brokers and agents


Specific software created for Notaries and with Notaries

The Best of Best Sellers

Popular Software Solutions

Eazzy Corporate Secretarial

Control and administrate your entities easily

Eazzy Secretarial is a management software that enables corporate secretaries to perform more efficiently. Organizing, structuring and generating information can all be done in one place. Its user-friendly UI will seamlessly let you manage clients’ information, such as directorship and share ownership, providing an excellent user experience paperlessly.

Leader in Mauritius for  both Secretarial Offices of Groups Holdings, Offshore Management Companies and Legal Offices.

Eazzy Commerce

Your business is well managed

Eazzy Commerce is designed to provide actionable data for the companies that sell, maintain, rent & service any type of equipment. It allows you to link clients to sales, quotes, contracts, equipment, jobs, intervention sheets and gain a full 360-degree view of your clients’ activities in relation to your business.

Document Management System

Your electronic documents are well organized

Eazzy Filing is a browser-based document management system that helps to organize and store all company’s electronic documents in one place. With its interactive UI and powerful features, Eazzy Filing makes document administration much more efficient.

Linked to SharePoint or Windows Explorer, the choice is yours.


What They Say

Francoise Chapuis
Executive - Director

"We have working with EAZZY CORPORATE since 2015.
We can testify that the software has been most useful in our daily operations (Entities Management (GBLI, GBL2, Domestic, Trust, Foundation, Fund. Document Management, Data management & Reports, creation of statutory documents, jobs management, timesheets management).
The software has continuously been upgraded over the years, very easily customized and has yet remained easy to use.
I am delighted to recommend EAZZY CORPOÅATE to any Company and Organisation in the OFFSHORE MANAGEMENT industry."
Kind regards

Reshan Rambocus
CEO - Safyr Utilis Corporate and Trust Services Ltd

“We have worked in close collaboration with KM Orizzon over the past years and view them as an essential business partner who contributes fully to the progress of our business. We are very satisfied with the services provided and the support has always been prompt. KM’s team has been very cooperative and has always helped us to find and fix any issues that came up. We have grown with KM Orizzon and appreciate that our feedback is taken into account when developing the new iterations. We hope to continue and strengthen our working relationship with KM Orizzon and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration. “

Shashi Ramdany
CEO - Reinsurance Solutions Ltd

"Our Company, REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS whose headquarter is based in Mauritius, operates in reinsurance markets around the world. The company has been using the EAZZY FILING app for many years. Already convinced about the importance of sharing structured information, we took a further step:
We connected EAZZY FILING to our SharePoint application to take advantage of the full collaborative power of these two solutions...."

Amreen Seydally
Assistant - ICT Technician

"We were looking for a tool to centralise all of our businesses documents into a central digital repository with control and security. We wanted the ability to replicate our current file system structure - so we were looking for a DMS which had no limitations as to creation of folder structure or ability to adapt to our specific use case. Eazzy Filing responds positively to all these criteria to our main and sub companies."

Yan Ng
ITL - Director

"Our experience with KM Orizzon has been a pleasant one. The Team is dedicated and pro active to make sure that their software is meeting our Company Secretarial requirements. Starting with a complete training, they are continuously working with us to provide a customised and reliable working environment to simplify our work...."

Anil Bhunjun
MANAGER - Manser Saxon Elevators Limited

"Thanks to Eazzy it has been possible to manage equipment updates, Maintenance Contracts, Client Database, Quotations follow-up, Request for Service, Intervention sheets, all in a single platform.
Using Eazzy on Tablets by technicians, intervention on site is submitted on server instantly and invoicing may be done on the same day. No missed servicing, no missed invoicing, all under control."
Thanks & Regards,

IT Manager - Mauritius Civil Service Mutual Aid Association Ltd

"This is to certify that KM Orizzon Ltd has successfully installed, configured and commissioned the below mentioned system at the Mauritius Civil Service Mutual Aid Association Ltd:

  1.  Document Management System; and
  2.  EAZZY Online Registry.

Both implementation were completed within the projected timeline and there was no cost overrun....."


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