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OUR OBJECTIVE We Create Simple, Affordable IT Solutions Digital Transformation is vital today but not at any cost. We ensure that your needs are met within your budgets. OUR IT APPLICATIONS For various types of businesses More than ever, businesses have to face challenges. Our IT solutions and our team will accompany them in doing so. OUR EXPERIENCE Trust years of experience in creating IT solutions Our knowledge of different businesses makes us one of the best options in the organisation of data and processes.
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Follow the Digital Trends & Lead the Changes


Well-thought-out IT solutions make that companies are better organized and more efficient, thus more profitable.

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Working together to achieve the Best


Our team consists of qualified employees specialized in IT, and our sales and administrative team.

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Let’s Boost Your Business & Grow Together


Digital transformation is not just buying a software. Our years of experience in creating IT ecosystems for businesses mean that we can guide you to reach your IT goals.

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Web or Windows based, EAZZY, a Safe and Smart Choice

In order to boost the production of IT solutions and convert the requirements of our customers into reality, we decided to create a unique tool in order to make this possible.



Our Solutions

For those in the business of selling, maintaining & servicing any type of equipment

Designed for Management Companies or Company Secretarial Offices

For every business requiring to manage efficiently the whole leads to sales to billing process

For every business wanting to create, organise and structure their electronic documents efficiently

Designed for all insurance brokers and agents

To further assist Insurance Companies in their daily tasks and operations

A specific software created for Notaries and with Notaries

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Your data and documents are in one place

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We were looking for a tool to centralise all of our businesses documents into a central digital repository with control and security. We wanted the ability to replicate our current file system structure - so we were looking for a DMS which had no limitations as to creation of folder structure or ability to adapt to our specific use case. Eazzy Filing responds positively to all these criteria to our main and sub companies.

Mrs Amreen Seïdally

Support – Training – Consulting – Assistance to Users – Auditing