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We are a Software Editor. Here is our Story


At start we developed a suite of Customized IT Solutions for many types of Businesses

In order to boost the production of IT solutions and convert the requirements of our customers into reality, we decided to create a unique tool in order to make this possible.
For this, we had to imagine a completely new programming language which would work in both the Windows and Web environments using a unique and easy-to-use script language.

Why Use a Script Language?

The reason is that it does not require any compilation and is low code; as such it facilitates the maintenance and the development of our IT solutions which are installed at the customer like a PHP application. To the opposite of a compiled software which would require amendments to be done at our offices and not on the client premises, another important difference between our script versus a compiled code software, is that it does not require a complete reinstallation of the windows application on all users pcs when a change is brought to the software.

experts in field

And so was born the EAZZY concept as well as its own programming language, EAZZY SCRIPT.



Knowledge and Expertise in specific sectors

We have focused on the development of solutions specific to these sectors and created the EAZZY SUITE of IT Solutions as follows:

Affordable for All

Our IT Solutions are affordable and will meet your budgets

Adaptable and Flexible

Choose the modules you want to plug in or not, based on your business model

Good Support & Assistance

Our support team is here to assist and guide you in your daily use of EAZZY

Our human touch!

We care about our customers' changing needs; we work hand in hand to constantly bring along new ideas, improvements and solutions to meet our customers’ new requirements

A Training Centre

Our Accredited Training Centre is fully equipped to deliver efficient training

IT Consulting Services

Our expertise in both Business Processes and Programming makes that we are an ideal partner, to guide you in your company’s digital ecosystem strategy and set up

Are you Interested in our EAZZY Concept?