Eazzy Insurers

This user friendly software is to assist further Insurance Companies to better manage daily: clients, quotes, workflows, claims, underwriting, indexing of documents, sending automatic emails etc.

Eazzy Insurers

This user friendly software is to assist further Insurance Companies to better manage daily: clients, quotes, workflows, claims, underwriting, indexing of documents, sending automatic emails etc.

Insurers Plugin Modules

We’ve been working for over 15 years to develop the perfect Insurers’ plugin modules to make your business life easier.

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User Friendly

The software’s ergonomy has been designed so that users quickly understand the way to operate within it.

The Best Price

Our software is affordable and will meet your budgets


Various levels of rights for users will determine what users can do or not in the system

Personalized Training

We ensure that trainings are delivered in line with our customers business environment


Features Listing

CRM (a unique world windows / web)

At start Eazzy Insurers is integrated with an Insurer software such as (Agilis, Premia, IIL, …) so that the conversion of a quote to a police is done smoothly.

Management of POLICIES

The software will automate batches of e-policies and e-renewals (documents initially produced by the Insurance Software) and send them to customers or their intermediaries.

Management of CLAIMS Module (Motor / Non Motor)

Besides the usual tools that EAZZY provides such as the DMS, Automated emails, etc, the Claims Module is a specific plugin, developed to be linked to insurers softwares such as Agilis, Premia or other solutions, in order to facilitate the management of claims.

Brokers & Intermediaries Portal

This web portal gives the possibility to brokers or customers, to get quotes online.


E-Statements are automatically sent to Brokers/customers


Integration of websites with ERPs

CRM (a unique world windows/web): This windows-web hybrid software will not only manage Tenders & Quotes but will also produce online quotes from a website for any type of police for the general public (Car, Motorcycle, Travel, Health, Personal Accident, …). Use your claims’ workflows either on the web or on windows and follow your claims step by step. The integrated DMS will ensure that your documents are kept together with your data for a unique source of truth. Automatic emails with any type of attachment word/excel/pdf/ can be configured with EAZZY. Should you want to check the level of customer satisfaction, produce live web surveys, using the Web CRM, which will give you real time customer feedback.

Management of POLICIES: The integrated workflows will assist in the follow up of the different steps linked to the creation of a new policy, but will also appear for a renewal, an endorsement, an adjustment or cancellation of a policy.

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Ensure the best service to all stakeholders

Management of CLAIMS Module(Motor/Non Motor): Specific screens for efficient management of different Claims, OD, TP, Payment, Recovery are integrated in EAZZY. Claim handlers and surveyors are randomly selected on new claims in order to minimise risks and improve levels of compliance. The integrated workflows ensure that the different steps linked to the management of a claim from start until file closure, will assist claim handlers (even for different scenarios) every step of the way.

Brokers & Intermediaries Portal: The portal gives brokers the possibility to manage their clients’ policies and view the related annexed documents. The access to a document library provided by the insurer for e.g.: list of general conditions to be annexed to policies or any document, is also made available to brokers for their reference. Brokers can also follow-up and manage their customers’ claims via a Claim Milestone provided by the insurer and to which they can add their related documents too.

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